The AcTopp Digital Golf Rangefinder

Why choose a rangefinder that has limited use? You should opt for AcTopp Digital Golf Rangefinder that can accurately measure the distance for a number of activities such as golf, climbing, hunting, etc. This compact and lightweight rangefinder can fit in a small pocket and taken wherever you go. The

AcTopp Digital Golf Rangefinder is a premium product that is easy to use, equipped with the most advanced technologies, comes with numerous modes, and has the best sales service. In this article, we shall find out why AcTopp Digital Rangefinder is better than the others.

The Best Qualities of the AcTopp Digital Golf Rangefinder

Multi-function Rangefinder: This rangefinder can be used in a number of fields. Obviously, you would be making extensive use of the rangefinder on the golf course. Apart from golf, this measuring device can be also used in engineering, rescue effort, ship guide functions, climbing, hunting, and various other outdoor activities.

Range: The AcTopp Digital can measure a maximum distance of 656 yards (600 meters). The readings have an accuracy of +/- 1 meter. You can choose to display the readings in either meters or yards.

Flagpole Lock Mode: The rangefinder singles out the target flagpole from the number of objects in the background. Once it focuses on the target flagpole, the rangefinder locks it and measures the distance accurately. This is the ideal mode to measure the distance of an object in a location with rough, trees, etc.

Vertical Height Measurement Mode: Not just horizontal distances, the AcTopp Digital can be used to measure the vertical distance between two points. This mode will come handy during mountain climbing, engineering survey, etc.

Golf Distance Correction Mode: Along with the distance, the AcTopp Digital Rangefinder also measures the slope value of the golf course. The information collected can then be used to come up with the exact distance to cover and the trajectory of the golf stroke.

Scan Mode: If you have used a rangefinder previously you would be familiar with the scan mode. This mode can be used to scan an area and readings will be updated as the user moves the rangefinder. The scan mode will help you measure the distance of hazards, trees, flags, etc.

Speed Mode: The AcTopp Rangefinder is ideal for measuring speeds such as car racing, golf pitching, etc. The device can accurately measure speeds within 300 km/h.

Fog Mode: Fog has ruined the reputation of many rangefinders. A golf rangefinder is of no use if it doesn’t help you cut through the fog and give you an accurate reading. The AcTopp ensures you’re not bothered by fog. The rangefinder offers the accurate distance even in thick fog conditions.

Quality Optics: The rangefinder comes with multilayer coated optics, a 20mm objective lens, and offers 6x magnification.

Guarantee and Lifetime Support: The AcTopp Digital Golf Rangefinder comes with a 2-year guarantee and lifetime customer support.


Attractive design, sturdy construction, lightweight, and compactInstruction manual not very helpful
Multi-function rangefinder for golf, engineering, hunting, rescue, ship guide, camping, climbing, etc.
Comes with Flagpole Lock Mode, Vertical Height Measurement Mode, Scan Mode, Speed Mode, and Fog Mode
Can measure slope
Comes with 2-year guarantee and lifetime customer support
AcTopp Digital Golf Rangefinder Review
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