The Breaking 80 Golf Rangefinder

Every hour you spend on the golf course is an opportunity to take your game to the next level. Your journey to the top becomes all the easier if you have a reliable distance measuring device such as the Breaking 80 Golf Rangefinder.

The Breaking 80 Golf Rangefinder removes the guesswork from your game. It increases a player’s confidence, removes doubt in the mind, and reduces bad decisions, the frustration that arises from bad decisions, speeds up the game, and guarantees lower scores. Let’s find out more about the Breaking 80 Golf Rangefinder.

Specifications of the Breaking 80 Golf Rangefinder

Compact and Lightweight: You might have seen many compact rangefinders, but no brand is as perfect as the Breaking 80 Golf Rangefinder. The gadget measures just 4 inches long and it weighs just a few ounces. You can carry it in the golf cart or just have it in your pocket.

Flag Mode: In a group of objects, the flag mode is programmed to focus only the closest object/target (flag). The rangefinder gives the user 8 seconds to single out the flag. There are two ways to go about it. There are some who prefer to press and hold the power button, while others release the button as soon as they press the power button. When using the Breaking 80 Golf Rangefinder, we recommend the press and hold method. The advanced software used in the device requires a few seconds to isolate the target from the background disturbances. So, the press and hold method would give the software the required time to perform its magic.

Range: Using the Breaking 80 Golf Rangefinder you can measure the distance of any target that’s within the maximum range of 550 yards. Operating the rangefinder is a piece of cake. You just have to point and shoot. In a matter of seconds, the yardage will be displayed on the screen.

Lifetime Warranty and 60-day Money Back Guarantee: Most rangefinder brands offer 1 or 2-year warranty, but the Breaking 80 Golf Rangefinder comes with lifetime replacement warranty. This is the only brand that offers this plan to its customers. Moreover, devices that sustain damage after the 1-year warranty time period will either get a free repair or a free replacement. To take benefit of this plan you should be registered; that’s the only requirement. There is more. The brand proudly boasts of tens and thousands of satisfied customers. You will be happy and satisfied with the Breaking 80 Golf Rangefinder. But, due to some reason, if you feel the rangefinder is not a good match for your game, you can just return it. The makers offer a 60-day money back guarantee. The full amount will be refunded to you; no questions asked.


Brilliant design, attractive color scheme, and durable constructionNo rechargeable battery
Lightweight, compact, and easy to useSome users not happy with the accuracy
Flag mode with point, press, and hold method
Has a maximum range of 550 yards
The only rangefinder that comes with lifetime replacement plan
Comes with 60-day money back guarantee
Breaking 80 Golf Rangefinder Review
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