Bushnell Tour V4 Review

Built in a compact package, the Bushnell Tour V4 comes with all the advanced feature golfers need. The rangefinder has 1 yard accuracy and a range of 400+ yards. With PinSeeker and JOLT technologies the rangefinder can pinpoint the flag and vibrate when its locked in place. The product can work well for most golf players as it comes with advanced features. When compared to the Shift model, it comes with water resistance so it can work even in rainy conditions. The rangefinder is solidly built and comes with a 2 year warranty.


  • PinSeeker and JOLT technology for improved accuracy
  • 5X magnification
  • Water resistant
  • Fast focusing system with an ergonomic design
  • Battery included in the pack
  • 400+yards range


  • No dual display


There are not many compact products which incorporate advanced technologies. But the rangefinder comes with some of the best features in terms manufacturing quality and accuracy technologies. Although the rangefinder doesn`t come with the Slope-switch function it manages to achieve 1 yard accuracy in perfect conditions. It may work well for intermediate and new players which are looking for the first rangefinder. In the pack you will also receive a 3-Volt CR2 battery which should make for a great, ready-to-go product.


The rangefinder manages to provide some advanced results with minimum technologies. The PinSeeker and JOLT technologies work with 1 yard accuracy and they vibrate each time the flag is pinpointed. The features will be greatly appreciated by new players or players looking for improved accuracy. The ranges covered can vary from 5 to 1.000 yards and the flag range can work with 400+ yards. It is a great tool for anyone looking to play in good weather conditions. The display also shows the battery levels so you will know when to recharge or get a new battery.


As all Bushnell products, the Tour V4 comes with a modern design which will not be outdated, even years from now. It comes with an ergonomic design. It features the Stabi-Grip technology which will ensure it will be safely locked in your hands with no possible accidents. Some of the premium models focus on stabilizing gripping, and the Tour V4 comes with one of the best designs in the compact rangefinder market. The power button is easily switched while the focusing ring is durably designed to work for years.


One of the simplest and compact rangefinders, the Bushnell Tour V4 can work for new and intermediate golfers. It comes with the popular Bushnell technologies which include the PinSeeker and JOLT technologies.

They work to provide improved readings and in good conditions can offer 1 yard accuracy. With a 2-year warranty and an included CR2 battery, it comes as a complete package which is ready-to-go and will appeal to those looking for a first rangefinder. As it doesn’t come with a Slope-switch it is safe to use in tournaments. Its compactness will make it a good choice for traveling players as it can be easily store in most pockets.

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Bushnell Tour V4 Review
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