Bushnell Tour V4 Shift Review

One of the most advanced rangefinders in a compact size, the Bushnell Tour V4 Shift can for both amateurs and professionals. It combines a fast focusing speed, 1-yard accuracy, vibration and slope technologies into a compact product. It complies to legal tournament rules with a simple button push. This enables or disables the Slope-Switch technology. This technology can be used outside some tournament to adjust yardage with inclined or declined fields. The rangefinder also comes with the JOLT technology which signals the golfers with a vibration when the flag has been pinpointed. With a 5X magnification and a fast focusing system it can work in various lighting conditions.


  • Slope-switch technology
  • 5X magnification
  • Fast focusing to 1-yard accuracy
  • 400+ yard to the flag range
  • JOLT technology


  • Not waterproof


The compact rangefinder works great for many types of players. It can serve both professionals and amateurs. To make it adhere to the regulations it comes with a button which can turn OFF the Slope-switch technology. This technology can adjust yardage even in situations where the flag is situated on a hill. This advanced feature can be used in some tournaments and on regular training days. The way in which this technology works is by calculating yardage according to the angle of the slope.


The rangefinder works well with some advanced functions such as Pinseeker and JOLT. The Pinseeker technology uses a vibrating alert to signal the player that the flag has been locked into place. When the laser locks the flag you get a vibration with 1-yard accuracy, making it a reliable tool for everyday use. The slope compensation technology can work great to improve your golfing skills. It can be used mostly on training days. For tournaments, you need to turn off the reading to comply with the USGA regulations. The rangefinder comes with 5X magnification and a 400+ yard to the flag range. With the fast focusing system it can work in various conditions for various types of players.


The rangefinder is solidly built. It comes with the stable-grip technology which will ensure you stay away from any accidents. The power and focusing buttons are easy to use. The Slope-switch button is also in easy reach. It is a product designed for purpose, with buttons in easy reach which are solidly built and will last for years.


One of the most compact rangefinders, the Bushnell Tour V4 Shift is solidly built. It incorporates some advanced features such as the Slope-compensation and fast focus. It will work great as a first rangefinder as golfers will enjoy the vibration signal when the flag is locked by the laser.

If you’re looking for a product with advanced features which can improve your skills and can be used in tournaments, the rangefinder is a solid option. As long as you don’t mind the lack of waterproof you enjoy a powerful rangefinder in a compact size which can fit pockets and can be stored with minimum space requirements in any bag.

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Bushnell Tour V4 Shift Review
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