Caddytek V2 Golf Laser Rangefinder Review

The Caddytek Golf Laser Rangefinder V2 + Slope is one of the durable devices which can cover distances of up to 800 yards. Made with a solid construction, the rangefinder can be a great solution in terms of compactness as well. Its reduced dimensions recommend it for all types of users. It comes with a weight of just 8oz. However, this doesn’t mean it has to sacrifice performance. Thus, the rangefinder will prove to be one of the affordable options which offer the slope compensation function and the ability to distinguish between overlapping subjects.


  • Reduced weight
  • 800 yards range
  • Slope compensation
  • Overlapping subjects technology


  • No weather sealing


With accuracy within 1 yard, the rangefinder is one of the recommended options for many types of users and it will prove to be a great choice even for the advanced situations. These will, of course, include the overlapping subject function when looking for the flag. Part of the FlagSeeking technology, the system will work to establish the distance to the flag, even in situations when it has to perform with many subjects in the background such as trees or bushes.

The advanced technology of the rangefinder will work in other situations as well. It will prove to be one of the interesting options when it comes to measuring distances on slopes. Just as the premium designs, it will be able to use the Slope Compensation technology to compensate for the various angles of the terrain and it will deliver an exact reading whenever required.


The design of the rangefinder comes with a robust approach. It will be able to handle lite shocks and it will work to prevent slippage with its rubberized design. Users will also be happy to use its LCD technology to ensure clear results and an approach which is above the rest of the similar alternatives.

In terms of energy-efficiency, the device will prove to be as efficient as some of the best options on the market as it is powered by a CR2 battery. It will also prove to be one of the most interesting options for a straightforward user experience as all the design features are easy to use. You can control the slope compensation with a single switch and you can also easily replace the included battery when needed.

The Caddytek V2 Golf Laser Rangefinder is one of the recommended options when it comes to ranges of up to 800 yards. Although it is not placed in the long-range devices, its aim is to offer a good experience with medium to long ranges and can thus be a great choice for the average user. With a modern LCD and simple switch control for the slope compensation function, the rangefinder will prove to be a recommended option from many perspectives. With advanced functions such as the Scan Mode or the FlagSeeking technology, the rangefinder comes well equipped. It is also up to date with the most popular advanced functions on the market.

Caddytek V2 Golf Laser Rangefinder Review
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