Callaway 300 Pro Rangefinder Review

The Callaway 300 Laser Rangefinder comes with slope technology. It has the ability to measure the angle of inclined or declined fields and then calculates the distance accordingly. It also comes with pin-locking features. The Pin Acquisition Technology (PAT) locks the pin in distances up to 300 yards. You can set up pins along the course to get exact localization or lock the flag on the approach. The golfer also has the ability to scan the entire landscape to acquire multiple targets with a 6X magnification. The rangefinder can also signal every time it locks to a pin which makes it accessible to new or intermediate players, not just advanced golfers.


  • 1000 yards range
  • PAT locking technology
  • Slope-adjusted readings
  • Scans multiple targets
  • 1 yard accuracy
  • Waterproof


  • Pin-lock works up to 300 yards


It is one of the most complex rangefinders in its price range as it comes packed with features and a solid design. It works well for long distance measuring as it can read data up to 1.000 yards. It comes with the slop-adjustment reading which will ensure you get the best results even with inclined or declined greens.

It is waterproof which means it will be a good option for any weather condition and prove especially useful on long tournaments where the weather has the possibility to change from one day to the other. Further advanced technologies include 1 yard accuracy. This brings the rangefinder in a niche of highly performing rangefinders which will appeal to advanced and professional golfers.


The laser rangefinder with slope measurement performs well and accurately. It can be used with just one hand for functions and modes and even for focusing. It has the ability to scan the landscape for multiple targets which can be a good option for training days when golfers can set up pins along the course to measure or improve their skills. The slope-adjusting technology will ensure the skills will be measured even in an inclined or declined field while the locking position will always signal the player to alert when a pin or flag is locked into position.


The laser rangefinder is solidly built with anti-grip designing. It comes with an extra 3V battery which ensure you get the most out of the rangefinder and don’t have to worry about battery life. It is water and fog proof which makes it one of the best options for professional players or golfers which only want one rangefinder to fit all situations like weather, training or tournaments.


The Callaway 300 Pro Rangefinder is of the most complex products in its price range. It offers advanced features like the slope-adjusting reading and 1000 yards range. It comes in a solidly built, compact, package which is waterproof. At 7.5oz it’s not the lightest product on the market but when you take the features into consideration it`s on the same level as any other top product in its price range. If you need a solid performer with no extra backup products, the rangefinder should be one of the top options.

Callaway 300 Pro Rangefinder Review
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