The Go-Golf Laser Rangefinder

The time you spend on the golf course is precious; you need to use that time to enjoy and improve your skills. Don’t waste your time guessing the distance. Guessing can lead to wrong choices and in golf, one wrong decision can prove disastrous. Using a poor rangefinder is worse than guessing. At the end of shot or game, you won’t be able to pinpoint where you went wrong. Put an end to bad decisions once and for all by choosing the Go-Golf Laser Rangefinder. Today, let’s talk about the features and technologies that make the Go-Golf Laser Rangefinder easy, fast, and reliable.

Reasons Why the Go-Golf Laser Rangefinder Stands Out

Reliable: The Go-Golf helps you improve your game, make better decisions, and always stay one step ahead of the competition. This premium golf rangefinder is fast and accurate; delivering the precise yardage as soon as the button is pressed. The device measures targets between 5 to 650 yards with a deviation of +/- 1 yard.

Pulse Vibration Technology: With Go-Golf Laser Rangefinder in your hand you don’t have to ever worry about unsteady or shaky hands. The device uses the latest technology to discern the target from the surrounding objects and immediately locks it. Then the Pulse Vibration Technology will alert you by triggering a vibrating pulse. This feature will assure you that the device has locked the target and that you don’t have to worry about holding the rangefinder in the correct position.

Easy to Use: Point and Press – that’s all it takes to know the distance. You won’t find an easier rangefinder to use. Furthermore, the Go-Golf Laser Rangefinder complies with rule 14-3 of USGA, making it legal to use the Go-Golf Laser Rangefinder in tournaments. Additionally, the manufacturers have included a user manual with the package. You won’t need it, but if you have any doubts, just go through the manual and in no time you’ll become an expert in using the rangefinder.

Fast Flag Locking and 6x Magnification: The device quickly identifies the target and the fast flag locking feature locks the target in a jiffy. The 6x magnification gives a crystal clear view of the target. Also, the reading is displayed clearly on the screen. Most rangefinders find it difficult to offer accurate measurements in foggy weather. Fortunately, the Go-Golf Laser can penetrate the fog, hit the target, and provide accurate yardage.

One-handed Operation: You don’t have to assume any particular body posture to use the Go-Golf Laser Rangefinder. All you have to do is hold the rangefinder between the thumb and other four fingers and press the button. Similar to most other golf rangefinders, the Go-Golf Laser device also has two buttons (power and mode buttons) at the top, an eyepiece, laser emission lens, and laser receiving lens.

Risk-Free: The makers of Go-Golf Laser Rangefinder are sure of their product’s quality. That’s the reason they are willing to give the customers money back guarantee.


Striking design, durable, lightweight, and compactRelatively unknown brand
Flag Lock with Pulse Vibration Technology
Fast locking on flag
Legal for tournaments
Money back guarantee
Go-Golf Laser Rangefinder Review
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