Leupold GX-1i3 Digital Golf Rangefinder Review

The Leupold GX-1i3 Digital Golf Rangefinder combines some of the latest technologies into a compact package. It comes with many advanced features like the Digitally Enhanced Accuracy. It also comes with a Fog Mode which works against false readings due to rain or fog. Due to this feature it can be used by players in all seasons, but will be greatly appreciated by those in rainy areas the most. The rangefinder also comes with Pinhunter-3 technology which works to keep the focus on the pin, regardless of the background. With 6X magnification and waterproof construction, the rangefinder comes very well equipped.


  • 6X magnification
  • Digitally Enhanced Accuracy
  • Fog Mode accurate readings
  • Waterproof
  • Invisible eye-safe IR laser
  • Prism lock – set-up highly reflective prisms
  • Yards and meters measuring
  • 0.5 yards accuracy


  • No slope adjusting function


One of the most complex rangefinders on the market as it comes with some of the best features for improved accuracy. As a result, it can make readings with 0.5 yards accuracy which takes it into the category for professional use. The rangefinder can also be used by other players as it comes with eye-safe IR laser. With a 6X magnification it situates itself in the top range of the market and is USGA legal which means you can using on training days and in tournaments also.


Although the rangefinder is small, it performs accurately across the features. Powered by a CR2 battery it has an automatic system which turns it off after 5 seconds. So if you don’t use it will automatically turn off to save battery life. One of the best features is that it can make measurements in yards and meters. It comes with a quick-set menu which will make it straightforward to use on the course. The Digitally Enhanced Accuracy provides fast readings for 1/10th yard. Because it is digital, it can do so in under 1 second.


The design of the rangefinder is modern and simple. It is temperature and impact resistant which will appeal to professional players or players which spend a lot of time out on the course. The exterior layer is made from rubberized armor and it is fully slip-resistant. Because it is waterproof it comes with a texture which allows it to stay safely in your hands without having to worry on any possible accidents.  You can also protect the viewfinder with the included rubber eyecup.


The Leupold GX-1i3 Digital Golf Rangefinder is one of the most complex and compact tools on the market. It comes solidly built with protective rubber which makes it temperature and shock resistant. It is fully equipped with eye-safe IR laser. With 6X magnification, Fog Mode and yards/meter measuring it comes as one of the best options for advanced or professional users. If you travel and need a highly accurate reading, then the rangefinder`s size and features recommend it as one of the best options. Being eye-safe, it can also work for new or intermediate golfers.

Leupold GX-1i3 Digital Golf Rangefinder Review
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