Leupold GX-2i3 Laser Rangefinder Review

The Leupold GX-2i3 Laser Rangefinder comes with the best features of the GX-1i3 plus some extra advanced features. They include the True Golf Range (TGR) which can display the adjusted range with some variations such as: temperature, angle or altitude. This technology allows the rangefinder to recommend certain clubs which makes it one of the most complex products for advanced or professional players.

Other features include PrismLock and PinHunter. PrismLock can look and lock on highly reflective prisms which can be set-up as key points along the course. The PinHunter ensures the laser can safely lock to the pin by filtering the background. With 0.5 yards accuracy, it is one of the most precise rangefinders on the market.


  • 6X magnification
  • Roof prism
  • 23mm lens
  • True Golf Range (TGR) for adjusted range
  • Recommended clubs through Club Selector
  • Digitally Enhanced Accuracy (DNA)
  • PrismLock
  • Pinhunter
  • Fog Mode for days with fog or rain
  • 0.5 yard accuracy


  • Requires premium batteries


With spot and continuous scan modes, the rangefinder manages to provide 0.5 yards accuracy on the readings. The Leupold-specifi Fog Mode can filter out false readings or readings which are influenced by rain or fog. These features recommend the rangefinder as one of the top options for advanced and professional players. Golfers which travel or are in tournament and need a tool for any weather will come to enjoy the rangefinder the most.


There are a few select rangefinders which can deliver accuracy within 0.5 yards. With 7 selectable reticle patterns and continuous-scan and spot modes, the rangefinder can interpret data in yards and meters. These advanced features can drain the battery rather quickly so you need to make sure you have a quality CR2 battery as a backup for any occasion.

The quick-set menu will prove to be useful in difficult conditions such as rain or fog. It has the ability to interpret data correctly regardless on the rain or fog. One of the most interesting features of the rangefinder is the True Golf Range (TGR) which can which adjusts range according to angle, distance, temperature or altitude. It can then recommend the best clubs which makes it one of the best tools for advanced players.


The design of the rangefinder is simple and modern. It comes with a rubberized armored plastic outsole. It is also waterproof as it needs to be in the rain for some of its features. It comes accessorized with fold-down rubber eye cups for viewfinder protection.


The Leupold GX-2i3 Laser is one of the most complex rangefinders on the market. It comes with improved adjusted readings over the previous model while giving the best waterproof protection for its special fog and rainy days features.

It comes with an increased accuracy of 0.5 yards and is thus recommended for advanced or professional users in need of a solid performer. Some of the features of the rangefinder might recommend it for professionals but it can work for amateurs also or players looking to improve their golfing skills.

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Leupold GX-2i3 Laser Rangefinder Review
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