The Leupold GX-3i2 Golf Rangefinder

Golfers have many good reasons to love the Leupold GX-3i2 Golf Rangefinder. One of the foremost reasons is that Leupold’s drive to keep improving their products. They never settle for the best, they strive to go beyond it. The Leupold GX-3i2 Golf Rangefinder is a good example of that.

Many in the golfing community thought the GX-3 was the best Leupold could do. The company proved everyone wrong by introducing the GX-3i2 which has all the best features of its predecessor and more. In this article, we shall talk about the good qualities of the Leupold GX-3i2 Golf Rangefinder.

The Best Qualities of the Leupold GX-3i2 Golf Rangefinder

Brilliant Design and Sturdy Construction: The GX-3i2 is lightweight and compact; weighing around 7 ounces. The exterior is made of aerospace-grade aluminum which makes GX-3i2 stronger and sturdier than other rangefinders on the market. It’s normal to easily drop small gadgets like a rangefinder. Fortunately, the Leupold GX-3i2 Golf Rangefinder is built to withstand drops, falls, kicks, and any type of sudden impact. Furthermore, you don’t have to protect it from rain or gusty wind; the device is water and weatherproof.

Ease of Use: You won’t find an easier rangefinder to use. Just load the battery, point the device, press the button, and know the distance. Like its predecessor, the GX-3i2 comes fitted with two buttons – the Power button on the top and on the side you’ll find the Mode button.

Modes: The mode button can be used for the following: to start and stop the Fog Mode, changing the measuring system from yards to meters and vice versa, changing Prism Lock Beep, and also changing the reticle.

PinHunter 2 Technology: This is the feature that makes the Leupold GX-3i2 Golf Rangefinder great. The rangefinder device is so small that sometimes golfers find it difficult to hold the device steady. The makers have found the best solution in the form of the PinHunter 2 Technology. This function locks the flag (target) and it stays locked until the distance is displayed.

Quick and Accurate: No player wants to wait for the distance with the rangefinder in his hand and the next shot on his mind. Players want a rangefinder that’s fast and accurate. The Leupold GX-3i2 Golf Rangefinder delivers both. You’ll get the distance the moment you press the button. To know the distance from a flag you don’t have to use the device more than once. The readings given by the GX-3i2 are accurate to 1/10 of a yard.

Display: When using the Leupold GX-3i2 Golf Rangefinder you’ll notice that the yardage and reticle are displayed in red, which is clearer than the gray used in most other rangefinders.

Value: The Leupold GX-3i2 Golf Rangefinder is a high-end, fast, and accurate device that’s legal to use in tournaments. The GX-3i2 has a price tag of $400 which is standard for high-end rangefinders with the above mentioned features and functionality.


Brilliant design and sturdy constructionLacks club selector feature
Easy to use, clean, and store
Uses PinHunter 2 Technology
Comes with 2-year warranty
Quick and accurate
Leupold GX-3i2 Golf Rangefinder Review
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