The Lstar Laser Golf Rangefinder

Some of my friends advised me to buy separate distance measuring tool for hunting and golf. I love both golf and hunting but wanted to save a few bucks by buying a rangefinder that could be used for both purposes. Finding a premium multi-purpose rangefinder took me some time, but finally, I found the Lstar Laser Golf Rangefinder. This versatile device is a special product that you can totally trust. It performs better than any high-end golf rangefinder brands, it’s truly versatile, and it’s affordable. Here are the reasons why I feel everyone must use the Lstar Laser Golf Rangefinder.

The Many Reasons to Use the Lstar Laser Golf Rangefinder

Lightweight, Compact, Sturdy, and Portable: Unlike most rangefinders, the Lstar Laser distance measuring device has a modern, futuristic design. The device is small and compact, but it’s sturdy and durable. Accidental drops are common, especially in the case of devices that are small. Fortunately, the Lstar Laser Rangefinder is built to withstand drops, impacts, or any type of accidental physical impacts. Once you’re done using the rangefinder, the device can be packed in a small carry case, and taken anywhere you go. People wanting to go hunting, camping, or mountain-climbing need to be prudent about packing. Luckily the Lstar Laser Rangefinder is lightweight and doesn’t occupy too much space. The Lstar Laser Golf Rangefinder is an excellent travel companion.

Rainproof: The makers of this rangefinder have used only the best plastics to build the device. It’s not only durable, it’s also rainproof. Now, you don’t have to start wrapping up the device every time there is a mild drizzle of rain. You can safely use the rangefinder in rainy conditions.

Range and Accuracy: Any target that’s within the range of 5 to 656 yards can be measured using the Lstar Laser Golf Rangefinder. The device is incredibly accurate with a deviation of +/- 0.3 meters. The advanced technologies used in this rangefinder offer the most accurate yardage. To use this device you only have to point at the target and press the button. In no time the measurement will appear.

Multi-function Rangefinder: The three modes of the Lstar Laser Rangefinder are the Scan, Speed, and Distance mode. These three modes would easily cover hunting, climbing, golf, and various other outdoor activities. The speed mode is a handy feature that would help you measure the speed of a pitch shot. To use the scan mode you just have to press the button and scan an area. The rangefinder will measure the distance of multiple targets and automatically update the readings. You also get to change the measuring unit. Either meters or yards can be chosen as the measuring unit.

In the Box: The Lstar Laser Golf Rangefinder package includes the distance measuring device, battery, lanyard, microfiber cleaning cloth, and carry case.


Durable and rainproofSome users question its accuracy
Fast and accurate measurementsInstructions are not clear
Comes with three modes: Speed, Distance, and Scan Modes
Switchable measuring system
Ideal rangefinder for golf, hunting, and other outdoor activities
Lstar Laser Golf Rangefinder Review
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