Nikon Coolshot 80i Golf Laser Rangefinder Review

The Nikon Coolshot 80i VR Golf Laser Rangefinder comes with the slope-adjusted technology. The Selectable ID technology can compensate for incline or decline slopes giving you adjusted readings. This system shows you the actual distance with inclination and the distance to the target which will let you select the best club to perform even in difficult situations. The rangefinder also comes with Nikon’s Optical Vibration Reduction system. It will ensure your image is properly stabilized, especially at long distances. It will also make it easier to lock any pins or flags.


  • Slope-adjusted readings
  • Vibration Reduction optics
  • 1000 yards range
  • Locked ON technology
  • 8 seconds continuous measurement
  • 18 mm eye relief
  • 6X magnification


  • No aluminum housing


One of the best performing rangefinder in Nikon’s range comes with full slope-adjusted readings. The function can easily be turned off with the push of a button to become USGA approved. It can then be used in tournaments. The rangefinder comes with a simple one-button operation which makes it a good option for new and advanced players which like a straightforward experience. The rangefinder comes with the Hyper Read technology which ensures a quick measurement at any range.


The rangefinder performs well across the board. The focus collar is easy to use and the advanced functions are operated with just one button. The First Target Priority Mode works to distinguish the flag or pin from overlapping subjects and shows the distance to the nearest object so you always know the range on your approach.

The slope-adjusted technology can show the actual distance with an inclined or declined field. And if the green is on one of these surfaces it can help you select the best club to reach the flag. Coupled with the Locked ON technology, this ensures you have an exact reading on the distance on every approach.


The rangefinder is robustly designed with a plastic housing. The grip is textured to be slip-resistant. The rangefinder is also waterproof which will make a huge difference in rainy conditions. With a weight of 7.1oz it is heavier than most of Nikon’s rangefinders but still manages to come at a decent weight, not making it uncomfortable to hold. It uses a CR2 battery which should always be of high quality for the best results.


One of the most complex Nikon products, the Coolshot 80i VR Golf Laser Rangefinder comes packed with features in a compact design. It has the slope-adjustment readings which can be great for training days and improve your golfing skills.

The function can easily be turned off to become USGA legal and used in tournaments. Other advanced functions include the Optical Vibration Reduction which stabilizes the image even at long distances as the rangefinder can cover up to 1000 yards. With the Lock ON technology you can ensure you always find your pin or flag even with a dense background. If you’re looking for a top performer, which can enhance your golfing skills, than the rangefinder should be one of the best options.

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Nikon Coolshot 80i VR Golf Laser Rangefinder Review
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