Pinty Laser Golf Rangefinder Review

The Pinty Laser Golf Rangefinder comes with a laser that can measure distances of up to 650 yards. Even more, the device will be able to offer accuracy within 1-yard which makes it a solid option for users of all levels. Playing golf has never been easier as it will be enhanced by the advanced functions of the Pinty Rangefinder. These functions include the Scan Mode, Fog Mode and the Flagpole Lock. Even more, the rangefinder comes with IPX6 weather sealing which will make it a versatile and durable solution in any weather conditions.


  • 1-yard accuracy
  • Scan Mode
  • Fog Mode
  • Flagpole Lock


  • Limited range


The rangefinder can represent an interesting option for many types of players. Although it may not come from the big brands, it will represent one of the most affordable and completed designs on the market. If you are just starting out, the device will prove to be a great choice and it will come with a low risk and high reward as it is packed with great functionalities and it will also work as durable and future-proof solutions.

The advanced features of the rangefinder come with the included Scan Mode. This function can offer you readings to multiple targets and it will represent one of the interesting options when it comes to performing at a high level with multiple targets. This will enhance your golfing experience making it more pro-oriented. The rangefinder also comes with a Fog Mode. This function will prove useful during the foggy days and it will be a great addition for the dedicated players. Even more, the rangefinder also uses the Flagpole Lock. This will prove useful when trying to lock the flag against busy backgrounds which might come with trees and forests.


The design of the rangefinder is simplistic and it represents a straightforward option. To some extent, this is understandable especially considering its lower price. Even more, you will be glad to know the device is capable of working at high standards when it comes to durability and weather conditions. It uses IPX6 waterproof sealing making it one of the best solutions in this entry-level category in terms of performance, build quality, durability and versatility in all weather conditions.

The Pinty Laser Golf Rangefinder thus represents a solid option for many types of users. While it will not represent the simplest choice when it comes to the entry-level alternatives, it will use great advanced features and it will even come with the waterproof construction. This will recommend it among the most interesting options when it comes to performing at a high level where many of the similar designs fail to rise. Even more, the rangefinder uses popular technologies which will represent a future-proof purchase as well. The only lacking function is the slope compensation which would have added some versatility to the devices. But if you don’t need the function and just want a good overall performer built with care, Pinty’s device can represent a good choice.

Pinty Laser Golf Rangefinder Review
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