The SereneLife Golf Laser Rangefinder

Recreational golfers love spending time on the course. The golf course is one place where they can totally relax and think nothing about the work or the pressures of business. Golfers don’t want to waste the precious time they get on the golf course. Additionally, they want to keep improving their game; be better than their friends or colleagues. One way of achieving both these objectives is by using a reliable golf rangefinder.

Although there are plenty of options available, the SereneLife Golf Laser Rangefinder satisfies the three important factors of an ideal distance measuring device. The factors include the quality, performance, and price. Let’s find out more about the SereneLife Golf Laser Rangefinder.

Introducing the SereneLife Golf Laser Rangefinder

The Device of the Future: Why do you want to manage with the rangefinders that use yesterday’s technology? The SereneLife Golf Laser Rangefinder uses the smartest and the most advanced technologies to measure the distance from the target.

No Hidden Charges: Definitely, the laser rangefinder is the right choice. Some golfers are still obsessed with the GPS-based distance measuring tools. The GPS-based tools require the user to subscribe to their service. They charge a monthly or yearly fee. These types of tools would drain your pockets along with the battery of the device. Your best bet for accurate and affordable measurements is to choose the SereneLife Golf Laser Rangefinder.

Easy to Use: The SereneLife Golf Laser Rangefinder is very easy to handle and operate. It comes with an easy one button operation function. To measure the distance, aim the rangefinder at the target and press the button to know the yardage from the target. The device has a maximum range of approximately 550 yards with an accuracy of +/- 1 yard.

Pin Seeker Mode: The Pin Seeker Mode adds something extra to the standard distance measuring function of the rangefinder. This mode helps the device isolate the flag from the group of objects around, locks the target, and accurately measures and displays the yardage from the flag.

Slope Technology: There seems to a doubt in the mind every time the distance is displayed. Is the rangefinder measuring the exact distance? How will the uneven surface of the golf course affect the measurement? Does my rangefinder take the uphill or downhill plain into consideration? Some rangefinders display the distance after adjusting the slope, but some don’t. Lucky for you, the SereneLife Golf Laser Rangefinder comes with a function that adjusts slope.

Travel Case Included: The SereneLife Golf Laser Rangefinder is the best companion any golfer can have. Like a true friend, the rangefinder helps you forget about your worries. It saves plenty of time, helps you plan the next shot based on the right facts and not on mere guesswork, and takes your game to the next level. The SereneLife Golf Laser Rangefinder is one device that every golfer must always have when visiting a golf course. To help you easily and safely carry the rangefinder, SereneLife has included a durable travel case to carry the device as part of the package. Now, there is no excuse to leave the rangefinder behind.


Compact and appealing designSome users not satisfied with the performance and clarity of the optical lens
No hidden charges
Pin Seeker and Distance Measuring Modes
Slope adjustment technology
Travel case included
SereneLife Golf Laser Rangefinder Review
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